Plus size clothing

Plus size fashion has come a long way from being sweat pants and baggy shirts. Generally speaking, many companies have taken a whole new approach to big size clothes as society at large has spoken out against fat shaming and continued towards acknowledging and removing the unrealistic beauty standards imposed on both men and women by the media and by celebrities. Many designers, some of the best known, in fact, have made big size clothing as well as large or plus sized models part of their mandate and lines. Plus size clothing is something that may have (arguably) traditionally had a negative connotation, however, as we move towards an inclusive society, it's becoming more mainstream and moving away from plus sized as a means of defining a person to a more inclusive range of sizes with no separation between smaller and plus sizes.

Clothes for big men

Big men aren't limited in their clothing choices, nor should there be. Clothing for big men have been increasingly diverse and include everything from denim to athletic clothing as well as everything in between. Big size clothing for men is not necessarily targeted at overweight or obese men, but also men who are not skinny or lean like many of the models that have traditionally been portrayed and used for modeling clothing for men. In addition, because of the focus on all body types being healthy and being important, many companies from large mid range brands to the more prestigious or couture brands are actually making their existing sizes larger so to bridge the gap between regular sizes and big sizes for men. Clothes for big men are made to fit men properly and make sure that they feel confident in their appearance and in what they are wearing. It is also important to consumers and to companies to make well made clothing for large men.

King size clothing

king size clothes are another category of clothing. It has become apparent over the years that King size is a term that resonates better than plus size, however, typically refers to clothing. There are several companies that cater exclusively to big men and to making king size clothing. These options have both pros and cons. On the plus side, it is a great way for larger men to receive clothing for them with no fear that it may not fit. However, on the more negative side, sometimes keeping these larger sizes separately makes larger men feel isolated and as though there is something wrong with them.

Overall, we are moving towards a society where all bodies are loved by others and by one's self. This self love is something that is important in making men feel better, more confident which has both direct and indirect impacts on mental health and wellbeing. Self confidence for men both small and large is important across all aspects of their lives. Feeling good and wearing clothing that makes us feel good help us do better at work, at home and make our day to day lives a little bit easier.


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